Membership Levels & Benefits

The Perks of Joining the Society for Advanced Body Imaging

The Society for Advanced Body Imaging (SABI) is the preeminent professional group for the innovation and translation of cutting-edge technology into the practice of body imaging. Through membership in this society founded in 1978 as the Society for Computed Body Tomography, radiologists and other body imagers show their commitment to being on the forefront of the latest imaging innovations and part of a group shaping the future of body imaging.


Society for Advanced Body Imaging Membership Benefits Include:

Awards/Research Funding

Scientific Session Participation & Awards/Research Funding

The Society actively encourages new and innovative research in body imaging. Members at all levels are invited to submit abstracts, of which approximately 20 are selected each year for oral presentation at a scientific session held prior to the SABI annual meeting.

Research funding is awarded to the most qualified abstracts in several categories:

  • Hounsfield Award in CT
  • Lauterbur Award in MR
  • Moncada In-training Award
  • Junior Faculty Award
  • Cum Laude Award
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Professional Development

Professional Development

The Society began as the “how to” meeting for body CT and later adopted MR. Today, SABI’s purview includes all imaging modalities and related technologies that are being used to enhance and provide improved patient care. Society membership and attendance at its annual meeting allow radiologists and scientists to stay up-to-date on emerging and established imaging protocols and criteria, as well as to get a closer look into where the field of body imaging is headed.

The Society’s fellows are committed to helping early and mid-career members succeed in their body imaging practice and research. SABI’s annual meeting is formatted in ways – including discussions and debates – that allow for more dialogue between its members. The meeting is the place for body imagers to meet in small group settings, permitting unique opportunities for learning and receiving feedback. SABI also makes use of educational webinars and a mentorship program to better engage with its members and help them maximize the value of their membership.


Society membership easily pays for itself several times over. Some of the ways in which SABI members make back their annual dues include:

  • Discounted annual meeting registration fee
  • Annual digital access to the Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography (JCAT) for $250 (active members or fellow members) or $99 (in-training members) (Non-member price for this digital resource is $654/year.)
  • SA-CME lectures from past meetings on DVD-ROM at a 30% discount from Meetings-by-Mail

Membership Types

Active Members

Physician or scientist actively involved in the field of Advanced Body Imaging. U.S. or Canada based,  board certified or board eligible.

  1 Year Membership $250
  2 Year Membership - SAVE $25 $475
  3 Year Membership - SAVE $75 $675

International Member

Physician or scientist actively involved in the field of Advanced Body Imaging. Outside of the U.S. or Canada,  board certified or board eligible. $50

Affiliate Member

Non-radiologist physician or practitioner actively involved in the performace, promotion or interpretation of Advanced Body Imaging and related areas. This designation is intended for medical physicists, PhD, masters and bechelors degree researchers, radiologic technologists and radiology department administrators. $50

In-Training Member

Physician currently enrolled in an approved radiology or related residency program or a post-residency fellowship program and pre or post-doctoral fellows with interest in Advanced Body Imaging. Medical Students with an interest in body imaging. Free


Physician or related scientist SABI member engaged in the practice, teaching or research of Advanced Body Imaging who has contributed to the advancement of the field. $250


Retired Member

Physician or related scientist SABI member who are no longer active in the practice of medicine or science. Free

Emeritus Fellow

Physician or related scientist who have been SABI Fellows for at least ten consecutive years may be eligible. Free